Entry Level

Forever Disappointing

For the past several weeks, minus the one week of work Sandy stole from me, I have been tediously looking up the author names for the over 6,000 articles on our company website, and plugging them beside the article titles within this massive spreadsheet I proudly “own”. It’s been slow moving, frustrating and at times completely infuriating. Thoughts such as “I’m not a secretary, I’m not a Data Administrator, and I certainly am not an intern” have swarmed through my clouded cerebrum over and over again for the past 2 months.

But, I’m almost done. Thank God. And, in almost being finished, I am one step closer to creating an author database, which is another project I “own”. I also “spearhead” it.

Adjectives aside, I am also a part of the Author Engagement Program, the Social Media Team, the Newsletter Team, and the Production CMS Training Team. That, along with maintaining the site search’s Synonym Table and slowly training to manage Product, is a lot of responsibility.  I went to Chicago last month as the Marketing Liaison, and two weeks ago my house was hit by a hurricane.

All of this to say, I hope you forgive me for having been a non-blogging blogger. Sometimes you simply need to keep the laptop shut.

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