Entry Level

Entry-Level Woes: Use Your Words

Today I sent an e-mail to a coworker, asking him to fix some broken links. We don’t have the closest relationship and I know he likes the Internet, so I took the opportunity as a chance to also become friendlier.

Subject: Broken LINKZ


Hi [redacted],

On the [redacted] archive, the first 2 links are broken. I need to access the second of these two. Do you haz fix?

The fix ended up being out of his hands and my request had to go up the ladder to Development. Included in this ladder is my boss, my boss’ boss, and my boss’ boss’ boss.

Senior Management x 3 now knows that I used to look at cat pictures on the Internet, because my coworker simply forwarded the e-mail on, rather than erasing my pathetic attempt at creating a friendship through meme-speak .

The Lesson: Some people are mean, and some are clueless, but the consequences of both can be minimized if you choose to talk like a grown-up and leave the faux funny e-mails for non-work related talk. Plus, only the coworkers who send you equally as dumb e-mails are trustworthy enough to receive your attempts at humor, and you can’t salvage a failed work relationship through cat talk anyway, so don’t bother.


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